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Vick Audio announces the re-issue of the Lucky No. 13



Vick Audio announces the re-issue of the Lucky No. 13

Premiere audio company re-releasing the Lucky No. 13 Fuzz pedal a modern take of the one knob guitar fuzz pedal with a classic feel.


GILBERT, ARIZONA, August 21st, 2020 – Vick Audio, a company that specializes in reproductions of out of production and original guitar effects is excited to announce the re-release of the Lucky No. 13 fuzz pedal.

Vick Audio is bringing it back the Lucky No. 13 fuzz pedals that has been out of production since late 2014

The Lucky No. 13 is an exceptional smooth fuzz with thunderous lows and loads of singing sustain. It is great for banging out woolly rhythms with its heavy dynamic fuzz tone, while retaining enough clarity to do lead work.

The Lucky No. 13 sets itself apart from other fuzzes with its smooth saturated tone and natural sounding decaying breakup. It is based on a classic one knob fuzz circuit designed in the 60’s but with higher gain, a smoother tone and a more modern voicing. If you are looking to get a unique signature fuzz tone give the Lucky No. 13 a try.

As with most one knob pedals the single control knob is a volume control and it is meant for you to use your guitar’s volume control to control the pedals gain.

The Lucky No.13 is retailing at $119; more information can be found at


Demo Video:

About Vick Audio

Vick Audio was created in 2012 by Mike Vickery and is dedicated to bringing high quality hand wired effects to musicians at a reasonable price.





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